Child and Adolescent Assessment

We assess children age 4 to 18 years of age for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorders, autism, intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities and a variety of disorders which impact academic functioning in the classroom.  We strive to provide learning accommodations and evidenced-based strategies to support learning goals.

Adult and Geriatric Assessment

Evaluations examine how one’s thinking skills are impacted by neurological complications such as brain injury, stroke, and memory disorders.  Evaluations meet with patients and caregivers to determine emotional functioning and independence levels.  Reports often assist with work accommodations, disability applications, adoption assessments, independent capacity evaluations, as well as assist with custody and legal disputes.  We also assist college students who are struggling with attentional and learning challenges, needing accommodations.

Emotional Support Therapy

We provide individual therapy working with adults who are working towards achieving interpersonal goals.  We also work with couples experiencing marital discord, parents meeting the needs of children with special needs, and caregivers in general who need to focus on self care.


Dr. Mikolic provides a superbill itemizing CPT codes to increase the possibility of insurance reimbursement to ease the burden of costs.  Dr. Mikolic is licensed as a psychologist in California (32104), Colorado (5187), and Florida (8438).  

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